We believe music has the power to touch you, move you and inspire you. To deliver this signature powerful sound,
we designed headphones with a simple, and minimal approach that provides durability and flexibility
to match your style, and deliver a balance of strong punchy bass and smooth clarity

Experience music like never before with our Tracks ULTRA. Powered by V12 Sound Engines™, our Tracks ULTRA headphones deliver the true clarity of instruments, vocals and bass. Following the original SOL REPUBLIC Tracks platform, the Tracks ULTRA turn it up a notch. Whether you are a music creator or music lover, you will feel the power of music.

Tracks Ultra On-Ear Headphones, featuring pristine V12 sound engines, are ideal for sophisticated music lovers who enjoy clear highs, rich bass and a wide soundstage. The inline mic + music control is compatible with most Apple, Android and Windows devices.