SOL REPUBLIC Tracks, Tracks HDs and Master Tracks are the first completely interchangeable headphones. This allows you to purchase Sound Track headbands, ClearTalk™ cables and Pro Cable to match your style.

Celebrate your personal style by mixing and matching headphones components. Choose the color and design for your Sound Track Headbands. Select a color for your Cleartalk Cables™. Go a step further and upgrade your  Cleartalk Cables™ to Pro Cable.
The possibilities for customization are all around you.

Cleartalk™ Omni-directional cables are interchangeable with all Tracks headphones,
and designed for full feature compatibility with Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Designed to customize Tracks and Master Tracks headphones, FlexTech™
headbands are virtually indestructible and allow you to Remix your style every day.

Rugged, 6-foot long pro cable with 5-inch coil includes a 1/4-inch adapter and glow-in-the-dark left/right indicators that can be seen in dark clubs, airplanes or studios. Compatible with all Tracks and Master Tracks headphones.